the church ramp...

not part of my history...
but a cool photo just the same


Anonymous said...

very cool photo. striped tube socks and all. reminds me of the 13-foot skateboard ramp my brothers and i built in our driveway in bethesda - and rode until the authorities and my mom shut it down.

btw, breaking news: that scumbag cop who was caught on camera going out of his way to knock down a cyclist just resigned. what goes around comes around. fuck that shithead! and good luck to him finding a new job in this economy. i hope he ends up homeless.

gwadzilla said...

this shot was in Georgetown
I was not there
I did not know those guys
I did not ride skateboards with those people at that place

but that picture is of that 70's era
a few people in that shot worked at the Bethesda Sunshinehouse

Mike said...

i used to skate w/ some of those guys and used to spend many an hour hanging at the bethesda surf shop and then heading across the street to was then WHFS and the dj surf letting us punks hang in studio sometimes,then seeing if we could sneek into the psychedelly and see the bands. back when bethesda didn't require a gold amex for admittance. ah, the good ole days.