his job is to go from one end of the pool to the other... and he does it really well

this news story has passed my radar a few times...

it is a classic news story that is good for the common man like myself
this is one of those news stories that people are permitted to have an opinion on
unlike so many news stories where people need some more historical or economic background information to have an opinion

there are basically two camps...

-college age boy doing college age stuff

-this person broke the law and should be prosecuted

it is funny to read some of the comments on various news sources
it is also frustrating
it angers me to read the conservative perspective on this behavior
because I am guessing that these same people who have such a harsh criticism of Michael Phelps are the same people who voted for George W. Bush

I can not recall the specifics... but I do recall there being all sorts of talk about W having a DUI or maybe it was multiple DUIs
but... that information was lost... somehow the driving records for W were lost in the electronic shuffle
as the church lady would say...
isn't that convenient.
then there was also talk about W and Cocaine... well
enough on this...

lets break this down simple and plain

Michael Phelps has a simple job... to move from one end of the pool to the other
as it turns out Michael Phelps is the best in the world at this job
while on the other hand George W. Bush had a job to run this country
well... there are those that say that he is THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER

maybe a person should be scaled by their achievement on task and not so much their behavior at a party?


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