nice air chris...

nice air chris!

need to catch up with chris and his recent posts another time
right now I need to go to bed

a glance at the photos makes me want to give the words the time that they deserve


funny... I remember Chris on a BMX bike
but I had no idea that he could do this shit
I just thought... who the fuck is this crazy courier on a bmx bike
that mental image is old and faded

chris has bike in his blood
bike... any and all bike
I have always wanted him to take his passion to the mountain bike
last season he dabbled in cyclocross
I think chris would explode if he got a taste for the mountain bike

I love bikes
mountain biking has to be the best of the best

oh... cyclocrossers rolling their eyes

oh... the Burritto Brother's shot is awesome!
that was back when a burrito was like 3.25!

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