no... life is not aways easy

life is not always easy
but really... what are you complaining about?

Roy Perkins Paralympic Swimmer

this makes me happy to see this!

I knew Roy's father growing up
I can recall when his son was born; Roy Junior
I can remember my first seeing young Roy as a toddler running around a wedding party... a toddler like any toddler... doing what toddlers do...
only a little different... but not really
I can remember seeing little Roy on the back of a tandem bicycle rocking the pavement in Rock Creek Park many years ago
his father would race Triathlons with him
and well...
it seems that all that father-son time paid off

little Roy is growing up and has been excepted to Standford University!
not to mention the achievement as an athlete
apparently his swimming is not just good for the Paralympic level... but as a swimmer across the board

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