Black Knight...

tonight I sat down to play a game of chess with my five year old grant
it was grant that initiated the game
which as a father it is against the rules to refuse
that just is not fair

we sat down to set up the board
grant was setting up the white and I was setting up the black
I was nearly done setting up my pieces when I felt that I was a piece short
I scanned the board and scanned the box
I made sure that all my pieces were in their proper square
it had been weeks since we had played a game of chess
it could be weeks of toy play that this Black Knight has been surfing his way through a sea of toys
he could be rolling around in marbles or scrambling around millions of lego bricks

a directive has been set
if you find the black knight put him on the mantle
perhaps tomorrow I will put a bounty out on the black knight
the Jinga Fett in Grant would definitely push the task

growing up the coin operated game was big in my world
as I grew up so did the computer age
the video game was a big part of this computer evolution
I was part of the generation that marveled at pong and spent hours thinking red dashes were football players on the very rudimentary hand held Mattel Electronic Football
ah... nine volt... I can taste it now

just as their are cultures that gravitate towards foozball over pool
there were those that hung closer to the pinball machines than the video games
then within these circles there were the bally versus williams crowds in the same way that there were the simple control pac manners and the multi control defenderites

even if I was more of a vidiot than a pinballer I definitely went through some phases where pinball was it... especially with the GAME WINNING potential it was an economical proposition
MATCHING contributed nicely

there was XEON was good
so was Cyclone
but it all started with Black Knight
Pharoh was a good answer to Black Knight
but Black Knight was the shit!
yes multi-ball
and magna save

sometimes too much is too much
less is more
get me Cyclone or Black Knight!

it is a cool old chess set
although I have several chess sets of that era
I still like to keep them in tact
they are all slightly different
similar carvings different woods and different textures
some pieces may be chipped or slightly cracked
but that is the character of the set
using a Darth Vader action figure is not an option for my chess set
if it were to have any Star Wars characters it would be complete
and that would be pretty cool!

for 180
I bet I could collect the characters myself

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dcdouglas said...

I spent a number of hours on the Cyclone in college. Triple ramps, multiple flippers and witty banter all made a great pinball game.

"Hey you, with the face!"