it is so messed up on so many levels that it looks fabricated

as far as I know this image is not fabricated

derek had this image on FACEBOOK
an amazing time capsule
totally mid 80's action!
the bike... the clothes... the actual reality
then the action of the moment frozen in time

the missing saddle... the twisted handlebars... the notch in the tree... the broken glasses... and the look of derek still being a bit dazed and off balance
the early days of mountain biking offered a good amount of falling and a good amount of walking with the bike
it was crashtastic!

I have been in that helpless turtle on my back within the last few weeks
took a spill like that in "the shed" a few weeks back
but I do not consider myself to be a crashaholic

that trail is local
I would not doubt that I have also crashed in that spot

great shot derek... thanks for sharing!

I wonder if Derek has seen KLUNKERZ

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