just another day...

today is st. patrick's day but really today is just any other tuesday sure I wore green and pinched both my boys claiming the were leprechauns and I would not free them until they gave me their pot of gold but really... I grabbed my kids and did that last week today was really just another day the work today was busy not stressful... not painful... but busy lost track of time and had to finish some things before I slid down the dinosaur and found myself getting out of work a few minutes late it can not be stressed that how ever great it is to get out early it is really quite nice to get out on time so I got on my bike after a day where I had not really seen the sky well... this daylights savings time thing really works I left out of work and it was still light outside so I rode my bike I had my camera in my bag but I just rode my bike I rode my bike and tried to flow around town like water flowing over rocks in a stream I just flowed the bike of the day was the Surly Karate Monkey a bike geared for the woods not for the street so I had to ride wisely urban intervals if I could make the light but coast and slow momentum to hit the light moving when I can standing and tapping my foot at the intersection is not how I like to spend my time so I rode the camera was in my pack but I was riding there were a thousand potential photographs so many moments that would be so many photographic opportunities but I was riding as I road I soaked in the city the scent of spring ah... what is that? magnolia? then on the next block the scent of cherry blossom rode the bike for a little less than an hour maybe a little more than an hour on the bike but maybe not an hour of exertion when I rolled up to the hill at Malcom X Park I took the side walk but my flow rolled along side and made a pass on another commuter's flow so I took the sidewalk at speed spun the cranks and got the heart rate up one short effort on the bike is better then no effort on the bike passed a few more excellent photo opportunities walked into the house a few minutes later than expected lisa walked brutus and I ate some pizza while I helped Dean with his homework grant woke from a nap not feeling so good

good to get on the bike
wish there was more time to ride
wish there was time to take some photos

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