Mission Statement... objective of the day?

it seems that some of us have lost sight of our objectives...
especially the "public servants"
to simplify this I will focus on two groups... the meter maids and the dc police officers

Meter Maids-
what is their purpose?
is their purpose to ticket cars to change behavior to facilitate flow and to free up parking spaces or it is to generate revenue by issueing tickets?
there are parts of town where rush hour traffic flows best when people are not parked or standing in the NO PARKING/NO STANDING DURING RUSH HOUR zones
well... so often I see the Meter Maids out ticketing these cars... well... not enough
but in so many cases they double park when issueing the tickets
DOUBLE PARK!?!?!??! Isn't that a ticket-able offense?

it is clear that the Meter Maids do not get it...
so I will not let my heart rate get up on that issue

expand on this
no need for show and tell for each and every time the Meter Maid contradicts things by committing the violation that they ticket for
they park illegally while ticketing... well... that is the same logic of the citizens... "I am just parking here for a minute..." or "I will move it before it causes a problem"

there is our problem

on with public servant number two... Officer Friendly

more specifically... the DC Police in my neighborhood
last week I had an encounter with a DC Police Officer in my neighborhood
it was awkward... I felt insulted... I felt intimidated... it made me feel sick... part of me was in fear of this man... in fear of him because I could not understand his objective of his intention
in fear of him because I felt that his approach was not just aggressive but disrespectful
in fear of him because he has a gun and a badge that can have me arrested even if I have not done anything

when I was approached by this officer he gave me his aggressive "police speak" when in reality it was uncalled for
if he were to understand his objective more clearly we would all be in a better place
this man is out on "the beat" which happens to be my neighborhood
his task is to PROTECT AND SERVER
who is he supposed to PROTECT AND SERVER?
he is out to protect and server the citizens... more specifically the citizens of the community
well... what am I?

I have been a resident of Mount Pleasant for over 15 years... and a home owner for over a decade of that time... which would have me thinking that I am the one that he should be PROTECTING AND SERVING
rather than intimidating and harassing

who pays this man's salary?
me and other people like me

even when in the wrong I would not want to be talked to like this
but... when I am in the right.... I should not be made to feel as if I am in the wrong

this guy was/is an asshole who has lost sight of his objectives
someone needs to get this asshole back on track
I am not that person
perhaps Cathy Lanier can get on the case!

or I can go through the process of FILING A COMPLAINT

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Nathan Carrick said...

ridiculous. if they were even a little concerned about bikers' welfare, DC police might consider the behavior of most cabbies somewhat disturbing.