not sure of the cause of death... yet the passing is sad just the same

this news came to me via electronic means this morning...

DC Messenger Mark Daniels passed away
the cause of death is unknown to me
apparently he was sick and had recently had some surgery

although I never knew Mark well I always enjoyed seeing him
he was always stoked and always positive
and most definitely a lover of the bike

RIP: Ride in Peace!

my heart goes out to his friends and family
their loss is a grand one
he will surely be missed


Dadryan said...

This news killed me this morning. Mark and I both got married in the summer/fall of 06... He was stoked, I was stoked. After our daughter was born he'd always holler ,"Sup, big daddy!?" every time we crossed paths on the road...Hadn't heard he was sick until last night, and got the news he was gone this morning....
Ride In Peace indeed...

If and when there is any info on a memorial or funeral, please post it Joel!
Mark was one of few brothers that would kick it with us at the SSG, or as they liked to call it: Cracker Alley!!!
Mark was a good guy, and I hate the fact that I'll never see him out on the road when I come into town again.
So much bad luck for couriers in the last couple years in DC, it sucks.
Thanks for posting Gwadz!
Matt Ryan aka Dadryan aka Seattle Matt.

Joseph "Danny" Koniowsky said...

will be dearly missed.

gwadzilla said...

I will post anything that I find...

life is short hug the ones you love

and dispel all hate or disdain you have for any others

life is too short

Bryn said...

Mark Daniels was one of a kind, definitely a good guy. He'll be missed for sure. I'll never forget riding through Scott Circle and seeing Mark and Terry sitting with the statue of Samuel Hahnemann. I don't care how busy I was, if I saw them sitting there, I'd make a point to stop for a minute. And of course SSG.

Life is too short.

Like Matt said: not a lot of good news coming out of the DC scene these days.

Joseph "Danny" Koniowsky said...

almost forgotten that statue was marks hangout spot, rode by it today and thought about him. never ever noticed what the statue was, cause anytime i did stop, just like bryn said was to hangout with mark.