on rainy days our nature is more lazy

Sunday came along without the needed pre-planning
Lisa and I knew that our schedule would revolve around Dean and his Sunday agenda
but we were not sure how we were going to approach it

Dean's day involved a LASER TAG birthday party in the morning and a basketball tournament in the afternoon
there was a slight overlap of the events... but leaving the birthday party early would get us to the basketball game on time
which had us scratching our heads on how we would entertain Grant

a decision with as much reason as a flip of a coin we agreed that Lisa would drop the Dean off at the Laser Tag party while I hung with Grant
during that time Lisa would go grocery shopping then to return home to grab Grant and then go off to the basketball tournament

Grant agreed with this plan... it worked for him... he enjoyed the notion of some time with dad in the morning and then back to his mom in the afternoon
Grant needs his mom time... he will take that time even if it means hanging at his older brother's basketball game

so as Lisa gathered Dean for a mad dash across town to make it to the party on time I spoke with Grant about our
morning options
nothing appealed to Grant
Amazonia at the Zoo did not catch his attention
the Dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History did not appeal to him
and the unknown of the newly renovated Museum of American History got the same rapid dismissal
there was a mention of the Baltimore Aquarium... but I did not think time allowed for such... but I would have done it had he wanted it... but that would have derailed the option for his attendance at Dean's basketball tournament

so Grant and I started our morning without any formal agenda
Grant had already eaten breakfast and I had already finished my coffee
so we scratched our heads as to what we would be doing next

there was a task of hanging a set of curtains so I enlisted Grant to assist me
this was perfect... we all like to contribute where we can
Grant made an excellent assistant handing me the screws and screw drivers when I requested
opening boxes and popping the packaging bubbles while I worked
it was a short task that he really enjoyed being a part of the process
he was up and down the ladder a few times... but nothing out of control... nothing dangerous

after the hanging of this curtain Grant got to watch an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I had agreed to it previously... I had to stick to that agreement
this gave me 22 minutes to figure out our next step
I used this time as one would expect... I spent 21 minutes on FACEBOOK and BLOGGER and the final
minute I scrambled to find Grant's helmet and pull his bike from the garage

the episode ended and Grant was beckoning for another 20 minutes in front of the tube
pleading with the logic that it was short cartoon
not giving me much argument when I told him to turn it off and come downstairs

the debate about the bike ride went such that the bike was returned to the garage and the helmet was put away
since nothing else surface I presented the bike ride to the New Target again
Grant argued that the New Target is no longer new so that name no longer applies
I agreed
this time I presented the trip up to the new urban strip as more than a chance to try out the new Cheapie Chinese Joint... but to also step into Target and get both Grant and Dean some Bakugans!
the boys love BAKUGANS!

the deal was made...

I had generated the much needed momentum
I had overcome the malaise that comes from the rainy day
and it was time to aid Grant in overcoming the hesitation he has about his new bike with the bigger wheels

there was the need for POWER BOOSTS up the hill out of our alley
as well as the requisite assistance in getting across the street
in the alleyways I ran ahead finding purpose in taking photos as I checked for backing up cars and other such dangers

Grant was doing well but it is clear that he is not as comfortable with the new bike as he is with his older smaller bike
starting off was not second nature for him
stopping also did not happen with the same level of ease

Grant did quite well... I was proud and I told him such
he weaved through the sidewalk giving audible EXCUSE ME CAN I GET PAST as we went down the sidewalk

we got to TARGET and realized I had forgotten a lock so we carried the bike into the store with us
BAKUGANS were purchased after the standard distractions
then we tried out the new Chinese Carry Out joint that was passable at best
after that we worked our way back
on our return I called Lisa to meet us half way for fear that we would make Dean late for his basketball tournament if we kept moving at Grant's pace
so rather than push him at a faster rate I let him run around Lamont Park while Lisa drove up to get us
sure it was only a few city blocks from home.... but the trajectory of a five year old is not always direct
their pace can be dictated by an assortment of distractions

it worked out
I got what I wanted and Grant got what he wanted
and not even being there... Dean got the Bakugan that he wanted

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