add water...

need idiots? add water.
need assholes? add water.
need idiots and assholes? just add water

water in any state...
snow... ice... and in the summer make it sweat
these last few days water has arrived as rain
water in any state is a catalyst in the creation of idiots and assholes

today as i stepped out the front door to walk my black dog brutus i saw a huge watering can in the sky tilted enough to send water falling to earth

after walking the dog i got on the bike and headed into work
no extended ride
did not pass go... did not collect one hundred dollars
rode straight in
did not stall for a photograph did not make small talk with any commuters at any red lights
straight shot

in my short straight fifteen minute commute i ran into an excess of idiots and assholes
the ride normally involves a handful of idiots and a handful of assholes
but on days like this... just add water and the number of idiots and the number of assholes expands exponentially

idiots... driving faster and taking more chances
running a red light that they would normally consider stopping for
taking that right hand turn faster with less visibility
visibility is decreased for everyone on these rainy days
even with functional windshield wipers and knowledge of front and rear defrost proper procedure there is still decreased visibility

why is the addition of water to the equation some sort of vicious multiplier for the number of idiots and assholes on the streets of washington
does snow and ice cause chaos in other towns

pedestrians and cyclists beware... I CAN NOT STOP THIS SUV!!!

the senses need to be tingling
the defenses need to be up
and well... the speed needs to be down
less speed due to increased stopping distance
less aggressive cornering due to decreased traction
common sense.

more space granted to cars and pedestrians
i know that reaction time is down
brains are slower on these mornings

enough on this... lost my though

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