when was a kid I think that my dad gave me an allowance for like a week...
just like my dad
punished for doing something wrong without setting up the ground rules first
not the most solid tactics for dealing with a first grader and his second and fourth grade siblings

I can recall that my father was aggravated with how we spent our money
I had followed the lead of my older brother and older sister and got Wacky Stickers
apparently this was a waste of money in my father's eyes
so the allowance came to an end for the three of us

some friends of mine on the block give their kids an allowance
I am not sure of the specifics or its effectiveness but I did appreciate the original intention

the children are each given a set amount
I am not sure if older children get more money or what
but they have this set amount... not sure of that amount
the money is then given to the boys where they have to save a third, give a third to charity, and then they may do as they wish with the last third
I have not spoken to either the parents or the children about the allowance at the present time
perhaps I will trouble shoot the concept before we implement it here

good to have the rules set out from the beginning

the discussion of allowance has begun
the boys were agreeable with the notion of giving to charity
IMBA and MORE were discussed along side of donating money to the school and homeless people
the thought of money to spend as they wish is already directed towards Bakugans
and well... the topic of sharing was not discussed after being mention
but it still needs to be part of the equation

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