heading back from lunch

walked down to K Street and got a Korean Sidewalk Snack... it was Korean Terryaki
this sidewalk stand is new to me... thought I would give it a try
honestly... not nearly as good as the other Korean Sidewalk Snack Shack on L Street
someone needs to review this stuff
there should be a map of the various sidewalk stands and the quality and pricing of each

the competing burrito stands as there is more than just Pedro and Vinny's
the options for Bulgolgi on the sidewalk as there are now more than one of these options
and of course... the boiled dogs... the DC DOGS!

I used to know my favorite hot dog vendors in the city
it is all about the sides... not all of them do the same chilli
all of them do a boiled dog
all of them do a variety of sides
but one with everything... with kraut, chilli, relish, and whatnot
heck... almost as good as a bagel dog from the Georgetown Bagel Bakery
which is now closed

well... there is a Georgetown Bagel Bakery on River Road just north of the Capital Crescent Trail... but the one in Gtown is gone

sad... I miss Club L T!
end of another era... not a Litttle Tavern on the Planet!

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