a post work ride...

got out on the Geared Monkey for a quick spin after work yesterday...

the weather was warm and the pollen was thick
rode the Mount Vernon Trail out past the Airport
the wind was in my face headed both ways... on the way out the wind was a wall halting my momentum... I laughed on the return to the city because I had so looked forward to having this same wind at my back... no such luck.... Job does not get the wind at his back... Job always rides into the wind

the wind was strong
but no so strong that I was not able to pick up my own scent
the combination of the heat of the day and the sweat of the work out brought the STINK FACTOR to surface

gloves? helmet? backpack?
more than likely all of the above
with the backpack holding the strongest essence
that backpack is ripe... ready for picking... perhaps ready to be burned

a good clean sweat is one thing
STINK FACTOR is another

if Spinal Tap knew about "glove hand" they would have never thought SMELL THE GLOVE was sexy

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