star bucks


Anonymous said...

yeah, the growth of the coffee shop is kinda like that of dudes on fixed gears. now along with a starbucks on every corner there is some douche on a track bike looking like an accident waiting to happen.

Joseph "Danny" Koniowsky said...
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Meredith said...

Do you know who that guy is? He kind of looks to me like a Tim Herzog post bike courier, clean shaven and "dressed up". What's worse? A douche who labels others as "Douche" even as said douche doesn't know who "Douche" is? OR the newbie to the fixie, no brake bike without the developed muscles and strength? ...... I mean, why you gotta judge based on a picture?

gwadzilla said...

some people never crash
some people never get hurt

the distribution of the trips the er does not have the logic or reason of vet versus newbie

bad karma? bad luck?

some people ride like fools blind to the danger they bring upon themselves... without any consequences... while the season vet may find themselves in the back of an ambulance headed to the er

i wish ill will on no man or woman
even the douche bags and the jokers

okay... i have wished for a car to crash into a telephone pole before