I like his style... even though I tend to be greatly offended by cigars

I like this guy's style... this guy has plenty of style
usually I am greatly offended by people and their cigars
there is something vulgar about the cigar
not in a sexual way... but in an offensive way... like farting in a crowded elevator

this man's cigar may not have even been lit
he passed without my smelling it
while so often we are forced to gag on the smell of sweaty unwiped old man ass...
no... it is not a good smell
you have to have a great deal of money to get laid as the cigar smelling asshole

not only does your mouth reek of the scent of a sweaty unwiped old man's ass... but you have shown that your desire to please yourself at the expense of any and all around you is no issue
as said... this man's cigar was not that sort of cigar... as he does not seem to be that sort of guy
maybe the guy I am thinking about is more like that polo wearing banker with his loafers without socks
you have seen him... on the beach... in the park... at the strip club
like jabba the hut in disguise.... only not so well hidden

the other day I did a quick up and back on the Capital Crescent Trail... there were two of these assholes... come on guys... keep the cigars to The Rush Room at Blackies House of Beef
the runners, walkers, and cyclists
take inconsideration the blue haired lady and her blue haired dog trying to get a breath of fresh air
think about the young mom with her infant in the stroller
do you really think that these people want a lung full of that obnoxious cancer causing crap?
no... I would hope not
yet it is like you are blowing a huge lung full of smoke directly into each and every other person around you's face

people are looking to get out and smell the roses
if they wanted to breath in cigar smoke.... they would be smoking cigars

sorry... that shit pisses me off
not sure how anyone could think such a selfish act could be acceptable
oh may... sidewalk cafe... shit... walking past a sidewalk cafe
sometimes it is like that asshole walking by with their cigar used my lunch as an ashtray

people are selfish assholes
cigar smokers should just get a tattoo on their faces that says I AM AN ASSHOLE and call it a day

this tangent has little to do with this stlyish man who I have seen around town for years
other than the fact he is smoking what appears to be a cigar
but as said... not that sort of cigar...
he passed without me smelling any smoke at all

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