like the utilitarian nature of her bicycle


Anonymous said...

Maybe i'm nuts, but she looks a lot like ex-president Bush.

maybe a relative or??

fatbob29r said...

Love the bike, very much speeks to utilitarian sensibility. She however does not look to happy to be caught on your pixle machine

gwadzilla said...

she is moving at a good clip
there is a good chance that we are each late for work

there is not always time to ask to take the photo

so the photo was taken while exchanging a morning greeting

she lives in my neighborhood and we have spoken before

I am not sure if the photo was intrusive
next time I see her I will debrief her and try to snap another shot

katiexword said...

ah, I found it. I was late and I was moving quickly and I was freaked out to find somebody taking my picture (for some reason I thought it might be some sort of police thing). oddly, you took a picture of my brother and used his name so I was led to your blog and then figured out that perhaps it was you behind the camera. we've spoken before? in any event, perhaps you can take a more flattering photo at another time--I am most certainly not related to the bushes.