The 12 Hours of Lodi Farms was hosted this weekend past...
there was no racing at Lodi Farms for me this year
the broken ribs still have me riding the bench rather than the bike

there were some changes at Lodi Farms this year
this was year one of the NOON start instead of the MIDNIGHT start

I had petitioned for this change
there was a mixed response when Fred's Events took things under consideration and made the change many people liked the freak factor of the midnight start

there were more things at stake than bragging rights and the freak factor

the change was not so much for me... but for all
advocacy is not for the self

the sleep deprivation caused by the midnight start gave this race the fatigue of a 24 hour event
the drive home was suicidal
the following work week was a wash
and the midnight start absorbed the whole weekend

my bet... it went better with the noon start yesterday... than if things had started at midnight if for no other reason than the rain

apparently it started to rain in the early evening... making the race half wet

when the midnight start would have started things in the rain on a wet course
making for a different day on the bike

I have not heard any detailed reports

I heard they lengthened the course
I also heard it was righteously fast

Granogue was also today... I did not race there either
still on the sidelines... not yet able to get into the game

no worries... this weekend would have held zero race options for me anyhow
my wife Lisa is away on a "girls' weekend" which has me in the position
of mr. mom
so... riding/racing was never even a consideration

yet I still feel a tinge of depression that I am
missing out on the fun

the ribs are still hurting... but I think it may be time to start thinking about logging some road miles

need to make up for lost time
need to catch up to those faster and fitter than myself

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