the sponsors and the swag from Bike to Work Day!

the sponsors and the swag were awesome at bike to work day... honestly... in so many ways I feel that SWAG should go the way of the dinosaur... if and only if... they can not start to make the SWAG Useful... Useless SWAG is just clutter that gets tripped over until it gets sent off to the landfill... now useful SWAG! USEFUL SWAG IS COOL! bags and backpacks from conferences? if they are solid usable products! if the people who take them will use them... well... fine otherwise... it is a whole lot of waste waste from production onwards the Bike To Work Day SWAG was very useful... a list of the DC Bike To Work Day Sponsors can be found at WABA Dot Org COMMUTER CONNECTIONS can be a resource for someone considering bicycle commuting but is unsure of a safe and efficient route to take City Bikes and Hudson Trail Outfitters had bicycle mechanics on site at Freedom Plaza helping commuters out with some quick repairs... make sure your bicycle fits and functions... take your bike to your LOCAL BIKE SHOP for some professional assistance Hudson Trail Outfitters had a booth teamed up with SMARTWOOL and New Belgium with some great SWAG... blinky lights... velcro leg bands... and SMARTWOOL socks... as well as energy foods! AWESOME EVERYONE SHOULD VIEW AND SHARE THIS VIDEO FROM NEW BELGIUM ON THE TEAM WONDERBIKE PAGE! www.newbelgium.com more on the sponsors later...

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