this sounds like an April Fools Joke!

Bontrager's CarbonClavicle is a registered Trademark

Lance Armstrong went with carbon...
yes... carbon and not titanium
I had the same surgery with a similar plate installed
I think that the hospital I went to used a stainless steal butter knife

stainless steal butter knife? and some questionable medical attention
looking like I look, and being a bicyclist, and not having insurance
these must have been contributing factors as to why I got such poor treatment
but that my friends... is a series of long stories for a different day

the not having insurance may have been one of the largest factors
sadly... modern medicine is a business
just like the law
fair treatment costs money

BONTRAGER and the Carbon Clavicle!

oh... while in the ER naked on the stretcher a police officer came in and issued me a ticket... oh man... oh man...
I asked her for what... she told me what... I said where did you get your information... she said form witnesses... and I said that all the witnesses had left the scene by the time the ambulance arrived...
then I explained to her why people believed in unicorns
people sharing hearsay as if it was fact
using another persons account as their experience

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GeorgeBodegonMD said...

Oh my God! I really thought it was a joke! When I saw the whole carbon collarbone, I couldnt believe it! No wonder his recovery was shorted incredibly!