always a different perspective...

the police officer writing the report send the message from the perspective of a car driver
the author of the news piece writes their report from the perspective of the car driver

"the driver did not have time to stop"


was the car driver going over the set speed limit?

had they been going the speed limit would they of had time to stop?

I am not saying to press charges for this driver driving "traffic speed"
but... if the law needs to understand that the accepted deviation of the law is a contributing factor to decreases safety on the streets


Jeff said...

Regardless of the cause of this crash, you should be calling for stricter enforcement of the actual speed limit, and not just traffic speed. The likelihood of sever injury or death of a cyclist or pedestrian goes up dramatically between 25mph and 35mph. Most DC roads are 25mph speed limit. The problem is most of the roads are also designed for a much higher speed. Your own street was a great example of that. Have you noticed drivers slowing at all when the lanes were narrowed due to the bike lanes?

gwadzilla said...


the street where I live is a hazard

the bike lanes do not slow traffic... but the lanes do contain traffic

we are in the process with DDOT to get this all to a better state

car drivers are like children... the police are like their parents... these car driving children do not behave unless their parents are right there