DC Should Shut Down in August!

dc should shut down in august
the town can get real sleepy
it is hot and it is humid
then so many people are coming and going from vacations

washington dc should go on vacation for the month of august

congress is out of session
which means that those who do work that involved congress have far less work to do

don't we have better things to do that try to make ourselves look busy

the whole city of dc should take a vacation
think of all the energy that could be saved not cooling off all those office buildings during the hottest days of the year!

okay... I would settle for three day weekends through the month of August in Washington DC
all the energy saved by not having people commute back and forth from work each Friday!

people could use that time better
they could become better people and thus better employees
since things are slow for the month of August
that lesser work load would fit fine into four days instead of forty hours

who do we talk to for this to happen?
we better talk to them before August...
because anyone in power to make such things happen is more than likely going to be out of town for the month of August


Alex said...

One of the remarkable things about biking in DC in summer is that the pavement gets so hot your tires start to sink in... I used to constantly think I was losing air, until I understood this phenomenon.

gwadzilla said...

one of the things most remarkable about living in DC in the summer is sweating in the shower and then going to brush your teeth and have the tooth paste come out as a liquid


the popping of tar bubbles
and the asphalt so hot that it can be pierced with a stick
or a motorcycle kick stand

fatbob29r said...

I think our society (the US) as a whole works way too much, and we're getting less and less in return. I think full time employment should be a max of 4 days a week, that's a much better balance IMHO. I could go on and on, but I'll leave it at that.