Get Your Shit Together... and get down to the Velvet Lounge!

Fourth Wall/Clavius Productions present:

Thursday, June 11
Velvet Lounge
915 U St NW WDC
$12, doors at 8:30pm, 18+!

Peter Brotzmann's Full Blast (Atavistic, featuring Marino Pliakas on electric bass and Michael Wertmuller on drums; totally ferocious post-Ayler high-energy free jazz)
PRV Trio (dual guitars/percussion improv ranging from Skin Graft-style noise-skronk and facemelting Sharrock-esque jazz to the alien psych-prog of King Crimson; members of Kohoutek/Chromatic Mysteries/Janel & Anthony/Sonic Suicide Squad)
The Undisco Kidds (unrelenting dub-funk improv from members of Thievery Corporation/Fugazi/Gogogoairheart/French Toast)

PHOTO FROM THE 9:30 Club with Fort Knox Five
I wonder if I have any photos of Rob playing Sitar at my wedding?

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