I need to read this... will the Purple Line effect the Capital Crescent Trail?

in this age of inactivity and decreasing green space
anyone with any sense would send the purple line under East West Highway
above ground in place of the Capital Crescent Trail should not be a consideration!

we need more multi-use/bike trails not less multi-use/bike trails!


Pam Browning said...

Yes, build the Purple Line in another location or tunnel it under ground.

For more information and to Sign the Petition to Save the Trail:

Mike said...

the purple line will begin in downtown btown by giffords ice cream and extend along the trail across conn ave to dtown silver spring. my personal opinion is that it's a complete waste of money and the studies don't bear out the need for the purple line. i would propose a free dedicated bus line between dtown btown to dtown silver spring for a 6-12 month period and look at ridership. if the numbers are overwhelming, then possibly proceed, otherwise can the project. incredbily expensive and invasive to the neighborhoods and trail. my two cents. mike

Anonymous said...

If you like multi-use trails, you should support the Purple Line. Washington Area Bicycle Association is a strong supporter. Wayne Phyillaier has all the details here.

Alex said...

It feels wrong to argue against rail transit, which I'm usually 100% in favor of, but yeah, I'd miss that trail.

Rob said...

I like the idea of the purple line a LOT. I hate having to loop the redline, and often just drive it but that sucks also. Being able to go all the way to green and orange without the downtown segments will be cool also.

But for gods sake they need to bury it!

And I'm not just saying that because I may be moving near it's proposed location in SS.

Jeff said...

Pam Browning and other supporters have fought trail widening, resurfacing and completion into Silver Spring. The corridor is a vital space for the region, not just those who can afford homes nearby.

Purple Line with trail is the solution.

Mike said...

i am a waba supporter and member, and multi use sounds great, but a ten foot wide trail(possibly now 16 ft wide) next to a moving train still isn't a great solution.

Pam Browning said...

Pam Browning supports widening the trail, having a paved and unpaved lane, and extending it into Silver Spring.

What Pam Browning does NOT support is transit alongside the Trail and the destruction of all the magnificent surrounding trees and greenspace.

See www.savethetrailpetition.org