redeemed the day...

the day was redeemed...

the demons that kept me from driving to the race outside of Richmond were trying to keep me from riding
the bags were packed and the bikes were ready
permission had already been granted
yet... I was still at home mid morning

I tried to ignore the demons
it is more than not listening to the demons
it is more a matter of staying your course even if that course is counter to where the demons are trying to guide you

I was on dirt at Schaeffer Farms in Germantown at roughly the same time that they race would be started in Richmond
with no grand ambition other than riding I got on the bike... dressed in the new DCMTB Kit... riding the Jamis Single Speed not the Niner Geared Double Banger
the body was fueled with the elements that had been packed for the race that I decided not to participate in
Red Bull was part of that collection of pre race/pre ride fuels

it is good to get caffeinated
caffeine is a legal drug with not just the ability to give energy but it also alters moods
I needed to have my mood altered
not only does caffeine alter moods.... so does mountain biking

I may have been smiling before I got the tires on dirt
as it is good to be on the bike
I was glad to be on the bike

there had been a sprinkle on the windshield on the drive up
but not enough to merit use of the new wiper blades
so I hit the trails buff and dry
oh man!

the Open Field appears to have corn
not sure if soy is grown after the corn
the stalks are roughly 3/4 full height
it is a series of slaps by big green leaves in the open field

the Orange trail got a good bit of my attention after I did a loop that involved a series of right hand turns... right... right... right... right... right... and then straight instead of right
or something to that effect

looping around the Orange Trail in an effort to have a little more fun before I call it a day
I could guesstimate on my duration in the woods
but it would really be nothing more than a guess
my guess.... under two hours

then back home
all in far less time than racing in Richmond
less time... less travel... and less money
it was good to get on the bike
I needed that


2drunk2shift said...

Gwadz, I think that urban race in Richmond already happened. I believe it was in the spring. Hey, just sent two cases of sauce to a guy named mike at revolution cycles and thought you might know him. anyway, good to hear from ya.

Rob said...

Nice! I hit SF yesterday and it was nice to get out and ride.

Caffeine is life! For years I used the following sig.

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the Caffeine that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.

Riding to just ride is always the best, racing can be a blast though.