a tad ironic...

in this modern age it is called screen time
maybe not in the adult world
but in the parent/child world
screen time is a term
screen time is an issue

I am an addict of sorts
honestly... I go from idiot box to idiot box
from the idiot box that I work on at work to the idiot box that I play on at home
then after I step away from that idiot box I decompress in front of the other idiot box

I need to decrease my screen time

I am a tv baby
I am not sure I could kill my television
even if we lost cable... I would want to watch DVDs and Wii

it is all or none in that discussion
sort of like being vegetarian
either you are or you aren't
there are television free homes
but if there are computer monitors and those monitors are used for entertainment
whether it is streaming video or surfing the web it is screen time


I am going to step away from this idiot box and see if my boys want me to read them a book
it will be good for everyone involved
maybe a story or two of Tashi

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