there is more to DC than any of us know...

dc is a cool town... try to argue that down!
not only is dc a cool town
but dc is a cool town with all sorts of free music and culture

hometown heros go free form at ESL... check it... SEE-I on Wednesday Nights!
this music is much more than just a reggae band... maybe more of a seventies soul/funk band with some roots tossed in

what else has dc got? free museums... and then all sorts of Smithsonian related action on The Mall
The Folklife Festival... and so much more
here is their page.... www.si.edu

should I go on... this is a point not worth arguing... DC ROCKS!
sure the humidity sucks and the mosquitoes will drain you dry... but there is plenty to do while you are sweating it out DC Style!

tried to find the FORT RENO SCHEDULE... but no luck

DC is not NYNY
DC is not trying to NYC

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