you need to ZOOM IN!

you need to ZOOM IN
yes... there is a bicycle in this so centered photograph

while riding over to the New Target (which is almost not new any more) to get a birthday present for a kid down the block
the kids went to the bowling party without paying their Birthday Party Tax
so... we went to Target thinking we would get this friend from down the block either a pair of Nerf Guns or one of those Remote Control Helicopter
either a great toy for twenty some dollars

so... well... this purchase of the gift and the promise that they could spend some of their own money on some things that they had been wanting to buy

with Dean riding ahead and Grant getting frustrated with all the stopping and starting again a little bit behind I stopped to get a shot of Grant coming my way when I saw not just this bicycle within this beautiful doorway
but also Bruce Fields... the man who lives in the woods down the block from me in Rock Creek Park

usually Bruce Fields is seen hobbling along babbling to himself with a crutch at his side
so to see him with a bicycle is an interesting site
and fair game...
I take photos of people with bicycles

Grant caught up leaving only enough time to snap this same perspective twice
then Grant gracefully weaved his way through the pedestrian littered sidewalk that had awkward posts every five feet to make the space on the sidewalk an obstacle course
like urban singletrack

we got the Nerf Guns
they were a hit
the boys passed them off then ran home to get theirs

1 comment:

libertyonbikes! said...

1. cause you're a kid yourself

2. it's what you wanted as a kid -
a parent that brought the fun.

at least that's why I get my kids
stuff. at some point I'll clear out the attic and get them a drumset. why? for their expression.
the noise is no big deal, same as when they play inthe mud & become
'mud people'