I would like to see DC Paint Their Bike Lanes...

this is not an original idea... this is an idea that other cities are trying
we should try it here

paint is cheap... life is priceless

paint the bike lanes blue or green
then maybe people would respect them more

people need to think twice before crossing over them
it could aid in people anticipating the cyclist
maybe people would drive and park in the bike lane less
it is about respect
respect to space
respect for life

maybe tape it off and offer up some bright color paint and let people tag it
the streets of DC could be filled with a montage of actual graffiti art

if it would be as SPARSE as "Cool Disco Dan" than it would need a background an alternate color than asphalt black
okay... you will settle for Department of Interior Green (which is pretty darn close to Bianchi Green aka Celeste Green)

then for the white strips... is that paint or is that some sort of street sticker that is pressed on the road?
if so... lets drop some reflective specks in that compound!

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Meredith said...

I suggested this to the Sherman Ave Working Group... Well, I suggested bike boxes and crosswalks to be painted. CUz they're not givng us a bike lane.