MS SUCKS! Cancer Sucks... and MS Sucks!

the world is full of surprises
more of these surprises are closer to tragedies than winning lottery tickets

Jill Rapp aka Featherhead found out he had MS in what should have been the prime of his life
a MUST READ article in the Washington City Paper
this article is authored by Jim Rapp...
here it is... FEATHERHEAD
this story has nothing to do with his MS
this story has to do with his being a drug dealing bicycle messenger

and then this response from Lambchop
Washington City Paper: Couriering Flavor
some more writtings by Lambchop

More on MS
last night I spoke with Frank Connell formerly of the Red Bean
Frank told me that he has MS
Frank is now in New Orleans
good to chat with him... sad to hear about the MS

Gwadzilla Mention
of Frank in 2004
Gwadzilla Mention of Frank and the Red Bean in 2004

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ESLR said...


I remember being in an elevator with Jim Rap @ 1717 K street some time back in the mid 80's. He definitely had a presence!

Didn't know much about him...but I had heard some stories and seen the pictures. I just thought he was a legendary courier like Kingfish or the Twins...

Awesome story. That was really fun to read. He is a great writer. Thanks for posting Joel!