spontaneous generation.

spontaneous generation.

the other day while hiking the dogs in an unfamiliar tributary of Rock Creek Park I tried to play the roll of patient parent and allowed my children to play in the creek

the boys threw rock for splashing and skipping
they placed rocks and removed rocks to build dams and to allow the water to move down different paths
while I looked for large flat rocks for stacking
this all happened while our black dog brutus just looked on

the water much like the forest lacks a good amount of the indigenous wild life
but to my amazement there was one lone crayfish
the boys were excited as I was in seeing this little lobsterlike creature
we watched the crayfish as it frozen in place watching us
both Dean and Grant wanted to catch this fresh water critter
but I refused for the obvious reasons

after a little more of this staring contest we moved onto another section of creek where I stacked more rocks and the boys did more boy things

after I grew tired of my rock stacking efforts I contemplated the state of Rock Creek Park
I looked at the heavily eroded trails and the squalid sections of dead earth
I thought about the state of how things are... how things must have been... and how things should be
there were thoughts about indigenous plants and indigenous animal life

as nothing more than a day dream I imagined what would happen if at the beginning of spring a bucket of fish and a bucket of frogs were dropped at various point in Rock Creek Park
I thought... what would be the harm and what would be the gain

it is because of us that the plants and animals no longer have the balance they once had
it will only be through our efforts that these plants and animals return

what would it hurt for there to be a concious effort to bring back things to the way that they should be
ironically making mountain biking legal in Rock Creek Park could aid in this
sustainable trails
a network of mountain bike trails would not decrease animal life
a deer, a turtle, or a squirrel does not know if it is on a deer path or a mountain bike trail

FORCE:Friends of Rock Creek Enviroment

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