and I wonder...

and I wonder...

this weekend past was the Cranky Monkey at Fountainhead
I missed it...
there are limited weekends to the summer
and this weekend past was set to include a trip to The Beaver Dam Swim Club in Cockeysville Maryland

we had gone last year and the boys were stoked to go again
well... in theory
as soon as they got in the car they started to complain
then when we hit the highway they behaved as if they were being tortured
but when we got there
they were stoked

the boys knew the lay of the land
they knew what was before them
they plotted their approach
then attacked

lisa snapped a few shots and then got some food at the snack bar
we did a few rounds on the diving board, the rocks, the dock, and the rope swing before breaking for a fried feast

the day was time well spent
we spent a few hours looping about the quarry
then we closed things off with a trip to the kid pool
with the slide
lisa and I chilled poolside while the boys looped the slide more times than I would care to count

as we swam there were many riding and racing
the Cranky Monkey at Fountainhead was on my radar
it had been mentioned... it was under consideration...
there was approval... there was a signed permission slip...
but... yes... my big but

but... there are only a few weekends left in the summer
and well... it is places like The Beaver Dam Swim Club that make the moments that make summers great
there will be other races
I can always go to Fountainhead and chase a faster pair of wheels
heck... even better I can go to Fountainhead and bring some slower friends and feel like a king for the day

as the weekend approached I considered the race

I took into consideration the preregister price and the day of penalty
while I considered my actions I also thought about how others deal with this measure
the fifty dollar day of for a local race
I wondered... does this high day of race price cause more people to pre-register or less people to race day of?

there was a time when races seemed like they were a buck a mile
inflation came along
and well... I respect it is a business
but I wonder if it is good business
would a little less bring more?

Lisa read in the snack bar that rock from this quarry was used to build some of the monuments downtown... including a section of the top of the Washington Monument
let me check the Wiki Page for more information


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