guess this should be shared again... OU TOF PRINT

Danny Plotnick has a short video called OUT OF PRINT

OUT OF PRINT on youtube... a must see for old folks like myself
comparing times past to times present
Danny Plotnick has a page

liberty on bikes dug this little piece
that is why you get it again... check his shit out!

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libertyonbikes! said...

you are the rainman of youtube!
i don't know where you find this stuff.
I just spent all day digging through a box of cd's, most reissues of albums i owned from 82-89/90. a day of awesome loaded into the ipod.
you know all the crazy stuff we grew up THROUGH?:
tapes to cd to mp3
payphone to pager to cell phone
the mountain bike
the snowboard
the mainstreaming of skateboarding,
bmx, punk, snowboarding, all the stuff that used to get you beat up?

Trust me, it sucks not being able to make pop culture references when you're surrounded by 20somethings that have no idea that 'things' just recently 'happened' - well,
twenty years ago i guess.
man, I'm old.