I am looking forward to this film...

Where the Wild Things Are...
Maurice Sendak was a childhood favorite of mine
Spike Jonze is dah man!

this film is going to please
I hope it plays at The Uptown

Apple Trailers: Where the Wild Things Are

Spike Jonze grew up in this area
he was a few years younger than me
he hung out with some people that I knew
he worked at the Bethesda Sunshine House... which was the local skate shop

this had Spike Jonze on my radar pretty early on
I had seen him skate and ride BMX
it was word on the street that he rode for Haro and was doing some summer exhibition tour
at the time he was in his early teens

then the name of Spike Jonze would appear in various arenas
the name Spike Jonze was tied into music, art, and fashion
music videos may have been some of his earlier widely seen works
The Breeders Cannonball... some REM video... Beastie Boys Sabotage to name a few
Being John Malcovich blew people's minds while Three King entertain broad audiences

a dynamic individual who has been able to develop his creativity and entertain us in the process
and yes... he is one of the producers of JACKASS
the works of JACKASS are co-produce by another Walt Whitman graduate from my era, Jeff Tremaine
I went to B-CC aka Bethesda Chevy Chase
our schools were somewhat rivals

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libertyonbikes! said...

warm up with the Spike Jonze DVD collection of work, a must have.
along with some old magazines, the man can do no wrong (yet).