I need to get the backpack off my back.. and burn it

my bag has me suffering some serious stink factor

I think it is overdue that I pull that camelback from the rotation
time to retire that stinky beast

some good tips from BIKEHUGGER on dressing for the heat

I wish they would do something on Stink Factor

those KEEN Sandals came preloaded to stink
and well
that is just not fair
one week and they smell like incineration is the only option
I am considering returning them


Anonymous said...

Bike Hugger only mentions the need to avoid cotton in the heat, nothing about the anti-stink properties of merino wool. Merino wool won't purify the sweat that is wicked to your backpack or Camelback but I think it helps control the stink even there. For the stink that makes it through, a couple shots of Fabreze anti-bacterial spray every day seems to keep the bacteria from clinging to the synthetics. Once they cling, burning is the only option.

Anonymous said...

Return the Keens. Get the Lake sandals.