junior rangers at Rocky Mountain National Park!

a rare shot of the four of us
the family decided that the clear sky and mild temps offered for a good opportunity to climb the rocks at the top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

days prior were cloudy and cold with some precipitation

it was very windy... very very windy... which made it a tad chilly
yet well worth the time

the boys finding shelter from the wind

over the past few days Dean and Grant worked to earn their Rocky Mountain National Park Junior Ranger Badges
they enjoyed it... a sneaky way to educate children about the plant and animals indigenous to the area

as the boys sat in on a Lightning talk today I hiked down from the Alpine Visitor's Center on Milnar Pass Trail down to the Ida Mountain Trail that we did a few days prior
it was a nice hike... it was also nice to get some time to myself

other hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park
or this.... NPS page for RMNP

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DaPa said...

congrats jr rangers. I miss the West