G20 Protest... gorillas in riot gear rough up 98 pound indy rocker chick


G20 Protest in Pittsburgh... gorillas in riot gear rough up 98 pound indy rocker chick with bicycle
on youtube

she over reacted
but she did not need to be man handled
infact... why was she being pushed at all
she was moving along
there was some high school flunky who rode the bench on his jv football team trying to make the play in the game that never happened



Anonymous said...

Wow, a Pittsburgh cop being a dick. Shocker. Yeah, she "overreacted" in the sense of "reacting in a way that will inevitably escalate the situation because she's dealing with an unstable, steroid-adled thug." It wasn't very smart of her. But it doesn't change the fact that there's video of a cop, hitting someone with a billy club without justification. It's sad to see the Youtube commentary trying to defend the guy -- almost as sad as the fact that he won't face any consequences.

Greg Heil said...

i agree with whoever anonymous is.

this is bull crap... that doesn't even constitute "throwing a bike"... it didn't even come all the way off the ground. and if these people were leaving anyways, why were the cops shoving them?

dirty pigs.