great recovery from a somewhat comical crash

not sure how it happened...
I only caught the impact itself

on the first lap Terri was hammering pretty hard
it looks like she was trying to make a pass on the outside line
her choice of what path was met with what must have been a divot or a sink hole

she went over the handlebars and straight for the water

in an "I wish I had my camera set to video and pointed in that direction" sort of way I watched
I watched rather than record something worth of an intro from Bob Saggett

Terry went over the bars and landed in a roll
her body moved in what looked like a yoga head stand
she rolled forward and raised her feet to the sky with her legs bent
when she got vertical her head went into the pond as if she were bobbing for apples

and well... she pulled her head out of the water
gather her wits and her bike and got back into the race

great job Terri!
that is the spirit of the racer!

Bruce got a shot of Terri coming up from the dunking booth


Unknown said...

Didn't capture the header either, but shot the recovery.



gwadzilla said...


danaceau said...

My last "acrobatic" crash was gambrils this winter when we jumped into a SS ... thing. Went over a log and over the bars - rolled to my back to see a clydesdale type coming down on me. Was able to get an arm up to deflect him before I got burried.

It was all one smooth motion.