I have said it before.... I will say it again... PROFESSIONALS SHOULD DRIVE LIKE PROFESSIONALS

professionals should drive like professionals...

on the city streets of DC I am never shocked by the behavior of the cabs or the buses
although their behavior does not shock me
their actions do scare me
the risks they take in their daily activities put many people at risk
and for many of us
the dangers are much worse than a scratch or a dent to our precious car

expect the unexpected
anticipate what may put you most at risk
not only will this keep you from being shocked
this may keep you from being dead

I wonder...
I wonder what sort of training and prep the cabs and bus drivers get when approaching the topic of cyclists and pedestrians
more than likely... little or none

well... in this era of change this needs to change

taxi cab drivers and bus drivers need to be educated on how to drive
taxi cab drivers and bus drivers need to be penalized for their inappropriate driving behavior

the professionals should drive like professionals
these taxi cabs and buses should anticipate the variable around them
buses should lose their bully behavior and understand that the right hand lane is shared with others... not
owned by them

the professionals should also be taught that their idiotic and obnoxious behaviors are inefficient and ineffective
their actions put lives at risk while doing nothing to get them to their destination any more quickly

because a taxi cab or a bus is a work they have no greater entitlement to the space on the road
taxi cabs and buses need to realize that cyclists are in fact entitled to their space on the road

there needs to be an education!
WABA? American League of Bicyclists?
are these groups involved in assisting these organizations in having a greater understanding on how to deal with pedestrians and cyclists?

the professional drivers go beyond the taxis and the buses

anyone in a governmental vehicle should drive in a safe and courteous manner
these people are on the clock... they are at work... they should behave in an appropriate manner
they are being paid by our dollar... I am not paying someone to run me or my family over

police officers?
there needs to be more talk to the police officers about pedestrian and bicyclists other than "lets get out
there and ticket them!"
so may police offiers drive in the same dangerous style as civilians

again WABA and the League need to be there helping law officials understand why pedestrian and cyclists behave the way that they do

there should be yearly clinics for professional drivers on appropriate driving styles
good driving should be rewarded
poor driving should be punished

pedestrians crossing outside the crosswalk?
well... make it so that it is safe to cross within the crosswalk before penalizing a pedestrian for crossing mid block
there needs to be some sort of understanding that THE PEDESTRIAN HAS THE RIGHT OF WA
the car drivers race to cut off the street crosser rather than slow to grant them their right to safe passage
it blows my mind

runners and cyclists on the bike path are put at risk as drivers race for the point of intersection knowing that the smaller flesh coated creature would be a fool not to yield to the metal four wheeled beast

but why... why does this commuter not understand that they could handle this interaction differently

slowing and yielding to the pedestrian or cyclist
blocking the cars behind them
allowing the people to cross

then getting on with their day

the drivers need to learn that this effort is the right thing to do... the right thing makes them feel better about themselves and most importantly it makes things more safe for those around them
oh... and slowing and stopping for these people will more than likely not alter their final arrival time

it is madness out there... but it does not need to be

the way we drive has a ripple effect that transcends through how we live our lives
what a barbaric way to start the day

we would be a more civilized society if our car culture were curbed

there needs to be a change
there needs to be an education
there needs to be an awakening

of course.... this is all about common sense and common courtesy
if everyone just slowed things down and behaved appropriately we would not have the issues we have now
we would all arrive at work a little more calm and a little more cool
thus starting off our day a little more positively

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