it is a shame... I do not go to as many blog pages as I used to

it is true... I do not go to as many blog pages as I used to
there was a time when I spent hours traveling the pages and reading their shit
well... I no longer have those hours
a few years older and a few less hours

my time is not my own
when I find some of my own time I like to read through the thoughts and images as presented by FATMARC

FATMARC has some words about this past weekend of cyclocross
both the Nittany cross race and the Charm City Cyclocross event that he was a large part of organizing, promoting, and putting on
I am not sure if he was the master of ceremonies
but I did see him travel through a few different arenas of that three ringed circus


these guys said they liked my site and wanted to swap links
I need to check them out
sometimes I wonder if these people ever go past my first page before they ask to swap links

I have not updated my links in years
but if I get around to checking out their page and I dig it I will return there again and again and remind my readers to go there as well


but now I have some words and images to throw on the page myself
that and I have other stuff to do
as I do have a life away from this electronic vortex called a computer

oh shit... my turn on FACEBOOK Scrabble!

oh... this guy has me on his email list
we are all such shameless self promoters
his stuff looks good... but I never read it

1 comment:

Marc from Human Resources said...

you make me blush.
I am much more of a worker bee at charm city.

granogue gets a little more tense.
fairhill is all about course design.

good to see you last weekend, thanks for the photos..