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waking up with my coffee I often scan the news and travel the web GOOGLE ALERTS give me a list of cycling related articles this is my morning routine while the kids get dressed and while I wake up scan the web and wake up with some SCRABBLE on FACEBOOK a press release on the topic of transportation had me ranting in the comment section I wonder what I said?


it is clear that the BICYCLE-PEDESTRIAN issue is not as far up on the list as it should be
it is good to see this issue climbing up the ladder
it is good to see that there are those stopping others from pushing these issues off the ladder entirely

government needs to lead by example
our government needs to embrace alternative forms of transportation
our government needs to be forward thinking and proactive

safer streets!
more bike paths!

the government work places should enable the efforts of those who walk-run-or bike to work

it is more than just transportation
it is about people co-existing in a healthy-civil sort of way

then on the side of energy consumption
energy can be saved through shorter work days
flex days
and of course working from home/tele-commuting

in Washington DC when Congress takes its month long vacation in August
all the government agencies whose work drops to a trickle because their work is with Congress
well... what about these workers moving to a 3 day week
the energy saved by not having these people drive to work in addition to the lights off and less computer/printer/etc. activity
well... it would have a cumulative significant energy savings
as well as maybe a mental health bonus for the workers!

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