stopped in Revolution Cycles in Georgetown after work last night...

last night after a hectic day in the salt mines I stopped by Revolution Cycles in Georgetown
Cargo Mike had worked long and hard on the Specialized Tri Cross the night prior

yet things were not quite done
with the race approaching fast I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to ride the bike a few times before trying to race the unfamiliar machine

the Specialized cross bike with its mountain bike bars, mountain bike brake levers, and mountain bike shifters was rolling and ready to ride but there were still a few things that needed to be done
the night prior we were unable to put on the
to my amazement a posting on FACEBOOK brought the parts to my front door
I had been able to borrow the cross brakes parts from Chris Merriam so the Frog Legs could be put on the front and I needed Cargo Mike to flush my crusty old XT rapid fire shifter... yes... rapid fire... not STI... as I am rocking mountain bike riser bars on the cyclocross bike!

the bike looks so DISCO with its white levers and black nearly everything else!

with the BLACKBERRY MIA there was no opportunity to offer any warning to my approach
it is hard for me to say how I knew that Cargo Mike was going to be at Revolution
yet I was confident that he worked Wednesdays... I just was not sure if it was every Wednesday
to be sure that there was no issue with my bike going into the stand I created a plan to grease the wheel

before the whistle blew that allows me to slide down the dinosaur I made a call to Alberto's Pizza at Dupont

the timing was perfect... an XL Pepperoni Pizza would be ready for pick up just minutes after 7PM

with a large pizza box balanced on the handlebars I threw my leg over the saddle and jumped in with P Street traffic
I was pleased to see that there has been good use of the space of the old District Hardware and Bike Shop Location
it is now a Pizza Paradiso!


it was dark and rush hour traffic was swarming around me
it was dark but not so dark that I needed to turn on my blinking lights or my helmet mount head lamp
I cruised down P Street... well... I was not cruising... I
was biking... others were cruising on the sidewalks... as P Street is a "cruising" part of town
down P Street then over into Georgetown
onto Wisconsin then over to M Street
moving briskly I tried to be cautious while splitting lanes
aggressive post work drivers were doing idiotic and obnoxious things all around me
most of these actions with cell phone in hand
many near misses caused by cell phone using drivers
sure enough... one after another car doors opened from parked cars

no one glanced back... nobody looked... nobody apologized... nobody... nobody... nobody


into Revolutions with a pizza box in hand I went searching for Cargo Mike

sure enough... there he was standing by a vacant work stand!

I passed the bike off to Cargo Mike along with the Frog Legs

as Cargo Mike flushed the lever, adjusted the gears, and put on my cross specific
cantilever brakes I looped Revolution Cycles with pizza box in hand
people were hesitant taking candy from strangers
but sure enough... everyone dug in and everyone enjoyed

quick and precise Cargo Mike managed to set everything straight before the doors to the store were locked

Cargo Mike and I rode through the chaos of the city streets then went our separate ways
I was appreciative of Cargo Mike's assistance while I am certain Cargo Mike was pleased to see me and my bike with all of its tales of woe headed in the other direction

sure I can work on my own bike... but I wanted the touch of an actual mechanic
I would have done so much under the umbrella of "best possible"
while Cargo Mike is able to work things to the way that they should be


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