a very cool blog whose archives I need to dig around!

Shawn Brown and SWIZ
snagged this shot from here http://doublecrosswebzine.blogspot.com

I wonder if Shawn still rides...
good memories of hanging with Shawn on the skateboard and on the bike

we worked at Big Wheel Bikes together for a while
at two different stages of our lives in two different shops
the Old Town Shop with Bennett and then the Capital Hill shop with just us

only if you really scroll down do you see anything to do with Dag Nasty
what am I supposed to think if I search for Dag Nasty and I get SWIZ?
okay... singer and influences... I get it
there was just a feeling that SWIZ was Dag Nasty Junior

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nathan said...

Cool blog. Ran into Shawn a couple years ago aboard an LHT in College Park. Still riding and pleasant as always.