also from the UK... this posting on the GYROBIKE!

the Gyro Bike
an article in the UK

honestly... training wheels may not be the best "training method"
but both my boys survived the archaic process and were riding without training wheels around four years

push bikes and gyro bikes... great ideas
but cost?
so many of these seem like great tools to be shared within the community
so that child could use them to bridge the gap between riding with training wheels and then without
personally.... I think there are more variables to learn to ride a bike than the push bike offers
and with the gyro bike... what do they do before they are ready to learn the balance?

both sound like the training wheel bike needs to remain in the equation

maybe Chito has some answers to this.... his son Velo was doing some Research and Development on the topic!


dcdouglas said...

My Target wooden pushbike knockoff was less than $50. Of course, the cheap nylon axles only lasted through one of my two boys. A significantly better design is made in the good ol' US of A by Strider. All steel frame, very adjustable seatpost, and short footpegs for coasting. If I'd done more research, I would have doubled my investment and gotten one of these.

gwadzilla said...


that is very cool that it was affordable

when I was looking for such a thing they were only available in Europe

and I was not ready to throw down the money for such a thing

the question still remains...

does the pushbike aid in getting the kids to ride a bike without training wheels any more quickly?