I have better photos... but for some reason these are the ones that have surfaced

no report from DCCX by Jared
but I will tell you... it was an amazing battle to witness


let me give a basic breakdown of what I saw from the sidelines...

early in the race Jared had mechanical issues that took him out of the top five
racers passed and racers pulled away as Jared tried to set things right

an effort to fix things then a swap in the pit and he was back on the bike fighting to get back into the top ten

catching the leaders is a hard task
the only way to make that happen is to ride faster then the leaders
easier said then done

hammering up through the pack Jared was making an impressive effort
then in one of the later laps Jared went down on the bricks
another racer would have scrapped the day
no one would have blamed him for hanging things up

but no...
this did not take the fight out of the dog

nor did this take the dog out of the fight
Jared ran to the pits and swapped bikes

Jared did not make the podium
but I think he made it to sixth place
it would be a fair guess that he may well have logged some of the fastest laps for the day

amazing to watch
fantastic to watch such spirit

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ryand said...

Jared dropped from second place to last place on the barriers on lap 1. it was INSANE watching him catch that much ground.