Mike has some photos from Kelly Acres... and a new (well... a well ridden but new to him) bike

I think this shot is of me at Bike DC

another shot of me looking like I am on a pleasure stroll
this may be where Bruce schools me

ah... the stairs... I look like I am racing in this shot of the stairs

and the barriers...
I opted to ride the log barriers on each lap
felt pretty fluid on it
I did drop my speed
but I would drop speed for the dismount remount!

MikeS has some photos on FLICKR from the 2009 Kelly Acres Cyclocross Race!
nice shots mike!

it was a good day on the bike
I made a solid attack on the day
it was a good effort
early on I knew that I could not maintain the intensity of the top five
dropping from chasing top five allowed me to get engulfed by an amoebae mass in the chase
thought I was still maybe top ten
thought maybe I got kicked back to 11th or 12th
never saw the results
heard landed somewhere about 15th

top twenty
not a bad day on the bike
love the course as Kelly Acres
there is no course in the MABRA series that offers this set of challenges
the FLY OVER was a blast!
and the climb on the back side was a beast!

definitely an excitingly different cyclocross course
people call it a mountain bike course
I would call it a fitness course

there were lots of turns that called out for a drop in speed and an effort to regain speed
there were several short power climbs and a slightly longer less steep climb
it was that climb that took the race out of me

still... a great day on the bike
time to shower and put some ice on my ankle


Raul Rojas said...

I love that course..lots of fun stuff.

Good job Joel...you look fast and strong!

Darren said...

would like to try this course, If I am able to ride the CX bike will hope to try and stay with ya big guy, but I haven't really been riding much so will have to see.