it is not my religion... yet I am interested in trying to understand it

the corcoran has an exhibit on the religion of oil
images presented by burtynsky

a friend of mine went and showed me the book of glossy images

our culture has been raping the land for all time
oil is just one of the many treasures that we steal from this planet

people are an animal of many ugly faces
we are consumers with voracious appetites
we are an animal at war

for all time man has been at war
there may be short rests in between
there is always war in our future

we are a disgusting animal

at the corcoran


Jason Berry said...

well said Joel. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Wow, depressing.

Don't commit suicide or anything like that.

Who is this Jason, he hates capitalism yet he makes a Movie company. So he wouldn't mind free downloads of his film on a Bittorrent?

He is hilarious, he likes small coffees in europe (they must be vintage coffees).

Keepp up the entertainment.