my son grant told me that cheering for him does not help him

it is all very curious...
I am not certain if what children say they feel and what they truely feel are the same thing

At DCCX during the Lil Belgian's race I stepped aside from my role as organizer and I cheered for my boys till my throat grew hoarse

I cheered with great enthusiasim as I snapped some photographs
when they finished my throat was raw

it is true... I also cheered for many friends and racers making strong effort
so... my throat was hoarse from an assortment of yelling
not just from yelling at my kids
but I most definitely yelled at my kids

on Grant's first lap in the Lil Belgians U6 Category Grant looked me in the eye and said something to the effect that my cheering does not help to make him go faster
or maybe that it does not help him to ride faster
either way I cheered
I could not contain myself

then when Dean was racing... without my guidance Grant joined in on the meet the cross racers are various turns with cowbells and loud cheers
it made me proud to see Grant cheer for his older brother Dean
I could have used their cheering during my race

when Lisa finally arrived at DCCX with the boys earlier that day I was on my second to last lap
I had already thrown in the towel
it was a matter of just finishing the race at a less than impressive race pace
their position on the sideline brought me a smile but it was too late in the game for them to invigorate me

I... unlike my son Grant... I am fueled by the cheers


Grendel said...

I'm wondering if Grant is getting old enough to be embarrassed by parental enthusiasm. But I also see your point about Grant sending a mixed message. It may be there is need for some compromise...cheer, but not so enthusiastically that it draws excessive attention (in his mind anyway). I should probably shut up now...got no kids so how should I now what I'm talking about. :)

Phil Lepanto said...

As a kid, I used to be on the YMCA swim team. I'll never forget a medley race where I was way out in front during the third leg of the race. During the breast stroke, your head bobs out of the water and I could hear my Mom cheering me on. She kept say "Yaay Phil! You go do it, go Phil!!!!" I remember trying to get her attention and tell her to calm down. I got so distracted at being embarrassed by her cheering that I came in third.

This is one of those childhood memories that the adult mind can't seem to resolve. Why was I embarrassed by my Mom's cheers? Why didn't I focus on the race?

So, I understand where Grant is probably coming from, just not why he is coming from there.