Survey about ROAD BIKES... CRASHES... and COST!

here is a short survey from one of the people at Squadra Coppi...

Jordan Cross from Squadra Coppi is conducting a survey of bike racers in the US. If you have time, please take the survey.

From Jordan: It would be a tremendous help if you could complete this survey. It should take less than 5 minutes. If you do not know the exact answer to a question, please give your best estimate. All answers will remain anonymous. Thank you very much for your help. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated!

Any questions, you may contact Jordan at: jordan_cross@hotmail.com

Jordan is researching information related to crashes during road bicycle races and training and what breaks on the bikes.

The survey form is online at:


danaceau said...

I did it but there were a lot of "No"'s and "0"'s.

gwadzilla said...

I do not even own a road bike.