this thing in brooklyn... the lack of tolerance

Yehuda Moon takes matters into his own hands...

In Brooklyn New York the Hasidic Community is having issues with the bike lanes...
or is it not so much with the bicycle lanes but the female representatives of the bicycle community

it blows my mind that the Mayor caved into their complaints
it boggles my mind that this Religious community that more than likely has fought for all the ages for others to tolerate their different way of dress and their different way of worship will not express tolerance for those that are different than themselves

what if a bunch of skin heads objected to the dress of the Orthodox Jews claiming that seeing groups of these people on the sidewalks offended them...
would the mayor use tax dollars to tear up the sidewalks?

is it really about some chic in a half t-shirt?
apparently this weekend there is going to be a protest ride
a glance at the weather report and it appears that it is going to be colder that a witches tit in a brass bra
which will only make the point more pointy

this most definitely could be a good photo opportunity

girls on bicycles

bike porn

maybe there will be some attention to this here

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